By entitling this location "Kentucky Art" it becomes clearly evident that the paintings of native Kentuckians, those who migrated to our Commonwealth, and the historically significant portraits and scenes of the state, be lifted from obscurity and thrust to our regional forefront. Exposure to Kentucky's art executed by the generations preceding us draws our citizens closer to their Kentucky ancestry and to the history from which they evolved. 
     Kentucky furniture prior to the Civil War is an art form within itself.  The fine cherry and walnut hardwoods, use of regionally stylized ornamentation as well as the simplicity of form and accuracy of proportion from which the artisans derived their plans, speak quietly yet eloquently of their vision and skills of joinery. 
     The concentrated effort of David P Taylor Antiques is to locate, preserve and place these renderings in the hands of parties who  will proudly display and care for them, and pass them to a more artistically educated future generation. Our efforts have been and will continue to be the placement of Kentucky Art to museums, Kentucky historical homes and the families of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

We are actively pursuing original art and fine furniture from the Kentucky region.